EXTIN configuration v4

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The system has a external in connector (CON8) for alarm signals of third-party systems (RF/Acoustomagnetic EAS, other detectors). This functionality can provide alarms statistic acquisition and/or common indication usage.

This parameters group '|ExtIN' allow to customize alarms detection via external in connector .

active mode enable

Active mode switch to "High" or "Low" depended on input schematic.

Features: [0], [0, 1], [RWS].

time delay th [x10 ms]

It's a time delay after which external input changes consider as alarm.

Features: [100], [uint], [RWS].

alarm counter [extin]

Life time external in alarm counter.

Features: [var], [uint], [RW], [Stream, Monitor].

alarm time [extin]

Common time of alarms duty via external in.

Features: [var], [uint], [RW], [Stream, Monitor].

alarm state

Current alarm state via external in.

Features: [var], [0, 1], [RW], [Stream, Monitor].