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The main idea of Baozam is to give a convenient and safe access to any of your devices from anywhere. To implement such possibility we use the cited below scheme.

Private Baozam Account

Any device is the property of the owner. This relationship is registered at Baozam by assigning the Baozam account which belongs to a real person as the owner of the device. Anyone can register the Baozam account at

Ownership of Devices

  • Every Baozam device after being produced and tested is registered at Baozam. At this step the device is a property of the vendor.
  • During registration process the device is linked with Baozam Device Registration (scratch) Card that contains Registration Card ID and hidden Card PIN.
  • The device buyer should receive the unscratched Registration Card together with the device. The unscratched Card PIN on this card gives the buyer the possibility to use this PIN to become the owner of the device. To become the owner the buyer should use the page to enter Registration Card ID and Card PIN. After submitting the ID and the PIN to Baozam the buyer account will be assigned as owner of the corresponding device. At this step the device becomes a property of the buyer. The Registration Card can be used only once.

Device Access, Control & Maintenance

  • Device starts to collect and store corresponding data according to the default factory settings immediately after switching on.
  • It is in the interest of the owner to enable the device to access Baozam through the Internet. All WiFi Baozam devices use the same procedure to connect the device to the Internet. After enabling access to the Internet the device starts sending collected data to Baozam.
  • At any session (initiated by the device) for transferring device data to Baozam, Baozam can transfer the request of the owner to the device to initiate the Tune Mode connection with the owner. Such request can be initiated by the owner by visiting Tuner page of corresponding device at
  • With the help of the Tuner page the owner can change any of available device settings.