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  1. clients send even commands
  2. devices send odd commands


  1. cmd:1 GET parameter(s)
  2. cmd:2 response to GET
  3. cmd:3 SET parameter(s) (alias of 2)
  4. cmd:4 response to SET (alias of 2)


  1. cmd:11 GET monitor(s)
  2. cmd:12 response to GET monitor(s)
  3. cmd:13 SET monitor(s) (alias of 12)
  4. cmd:14 response to SET monitor(s) (alias of 12)
  5. cmd:16 Monitor packet (alias of 2)


  1. cmd:21 GET stream(s)
  2. cmd:22 response to GET stream(s)
  3. cmd:23 SET stream(s)
  4. cmd:24 response to SET stream(s)
  5. cmd:26 Stream packet


  1. cmd:31 GET filesize(s) from device
  2. cmd:32 response to GET filesize(s) from device
  3. cmd:33 PUT file to device
  4. cmd:34 GET file part from server
  5. cmd:35 response to GET file part from server
  6. cmd:38 message(s) about file FROM device
  7. cmd:39 message(s) about file TO device


  1. cmd:101 call cmd
  2. cmd:102 rsp to call


  1. cmd:202 welcome message/device connected
  2. cmd:204 device disconnected // send by server
  3. cmd:254 message FROM device
  4. cmd:255 message TO device