Local tuner software

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Fig. 1: Application console messages and control page with link to device tuner page

Download software

Local tuner software v3.1 [27.06.2018] for OS Windows XP, 7, 10 [x32, x64].

Also install the appropriate Virtual Com Port driver.

The application directory contain three .exe files. You could run one of these correspond to your Windows OS version.

tuner.exe Win 10, 8, 7 [x64] Use for win10 [x64]
tuner_win7.exe Win 10, 8, 7 [x32/x64] This for [x32] bit OS version
tuner_win_xp.exe Win XP [x32/x64] For win XP only

General functionality description

This is console application that starts local server for device tuning via virtual com port. It will open control page in default OS web-browser at start. (See fig. 1)

From that page you can access to corresponding tuner page of the device if device was previously connected.

If not, then connect the device to laptop via USB and click Send/Refresh button on control page. After that a link to device correspond tuner page will be available.

If no success, look at console messages for diagnosis.